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SHANA International School is a humble step towards creating a community of empowered learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. The school largely focuses on development of the whole child. SHANA is one of few schools of India whose curriculum is based on Learnomatrix. It is a matrix of learning, a very scientific and systematic method of learning which incorporates various techniques and tools of education psychology, Cognitive sciences, Neuro-Lingual-Programing, Pranayama, Yoga and transcendental Meditation to ease and accelerate learning processes by inculcating Learning and Life skills in students designed and develop by Kamlesh Chandra after a research of two decades. It is the compilation of different tools, methods, techniques, processes which help students to enhance their rate of learning. These tools are scientifically tested to enhance thinking skills, creativity, concentration, reasoning, analytical skills, memory skills, study skills, note taking and confidence level of the children. It saves students’ time and thus they are able to invest more time in creativity, innovation and community service. An educational system isn’t worth much if it teaches how to make a living but doesn’t teach them ...

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  • Hostel Admission Open

    Hostel Admissions open for Classes 3rd to 11th...


Daily Quotes

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

— Albert Einstein


multiple intelligence

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Life Skill

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Learning Skill

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Director's Desk

About fourteen to twenty years of our life is spent on coming to school, attending colleges or other educational institutions. As we all know that we come to these institutions to get education. But have you ever thought why do we need education ? dr. kamlesh chandra

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Principal's Desk

Welcome you all to our SHANA family. We are all here to enjoy Learning, to develop enthusiasm, to learn perseverance and to ask questions. I want you to be happy, have high self- esteem and to develop confidence i n yourself and your abilities. You are the ‘MINE’ rich in GEMS of un-estimated value and education alone can help to ...

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Prep school

"This school is every child’s and every parents’ dream come true... our kids will become successful one day but more important is that they should be good human beings and this is what this school teaches. ..We as parents would like to thank every teacher n staff of this school."

Narjis Bhargava (Parent)

School with good edu. life

"While living in a place like Bikaner and to give the best facilities to your child…..from studies to sports and all the other extra-curricular activities was so difficult but…. with SHANA it was possible!!! SHANA is a ‘Home away from Home’ which teaches a child to be honest …thus fearless, should be able to control their emotions.. …desires and have steady determination. Thanks to SHANA for showing my child the path of significance."
Mr. & Mrs. Amrik Singh Guru (IFS officer)

I feel so blessed

"Nothing can be better than SHANA International School for my son. He has learned to use his brain to maximum. This school doesn’t only teach what to learn but it teaches them how to learn. He is on his way success."
Mr. &Mrs. Kataria ( Parent)

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