Samvit Gurukulam

SHANA International School has a humble hostel which we prefer to call Home – which accommodates a number ranging from 100 to 150 students. At present, we are taking only boys.

Members of the teaching staff, who live in staff quarters within a home, act as home-parents. Life in the homes is meant to develop the values of co-operation, self-restraint, and sharing. The interaction between teachers and students outside the classroom is considered a very important part of living and learning at SHANA International School. The school does not have a system of house or class prefects; no student has authority over another.

In this ambience, students generally relate to each other in a friendly and accepting manner, with younger ones not afraid of the older ones. We like to think of the school community in terms of a large, extended family. They get up early morning, go for Yoga, meditation and prayer sessions on daily basis. Apart from this, the children have mentors who help them with their studies. We don’t allow students with any kind of electronic gadgets. We offer them variety of sports like Swimming, Basket Ball, Football, Volley ball and crickets. Daily Power session with Kamlesh Sir is the special feature of our Home Culture.


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    Hostel Admissions open for Classes 3rd to 11th nettoyage coq...


Daily Quotes

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

— Albert Einstein