Learning skills

Learning Skills is the set of habits, principles and practiced methods which help us to accelerate our learning by maximum or optimum utilization of our body, brain, mind and consciousness.
Set of Habits which accelerate Learning……………


5 SQR is a scientific method of study. It is based on functioning of the brain. It has inclusion of 11 elements of study having 5 S which means Set, Select, Survey, Structure and Solidify.
5Q means 5 Questions which are called 5WH (What, Where, When, Who, Why and How) and 5R means Read, Recite, Recite, Reflect, Record and Review.

Why Learning Skills???

Learning skills helps us to overcome the problems we face to attain effective learning. Some of the problems that we face are……
1. Less Retention and Retrieval.
2. Unexpected/poor academic results.
3. Lack of self esteem/confidence.
4. Lack of motivation for studies.
5. Lack of concentration in studies.
6. Lack of Time Management.
7. Procrastinations
8. Unorganized Study Habits.



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Daily Quotes

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

— Albert Einstein