Withdrawal from the school requires notice of withdrawal on the School Withdrawal Form received from reception to be given within 30 days of the last date of the term just completed. The parent is liable for a full term’s fee (tuition and facilities) in lieu of notice. This clause is necessary since the teacher recruitment is normally finalised in the preceding term.

The school fee will not be refunded on withdrawal of the student once term has started.

If a student is withdrawn on medical grounds acceptable to the Principal, a rebate of only 20% of fees will be given in the event that the absence is for half a term or longer.

If a student is withdrawn temporarily for a term for reasons acceptable to the Principal and due advance notice is given, a seat retention fee of 60% of the fees per term will be payable. Seat retention beyond one term is not permitted.

It is important that your child is properly withdrawn from the School in order to receive transcripts or report cards for his/her next school. This is a very strict policy and very few exceptions will apply. Progress reports or transcripts will only be given when the withdrawal form is completed and the School fees have been settled.

*The School fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter will be final and binding and cannot be questioned.

*The School reserves the right to change its Admission Procedure from time to time without any notice.


Transfer Certificate

  1. kapish
  2. Mansvi
  3. Priyansh
  4. Tiya
  5. Anuj
  6. Shubham Daga TC
  7. Sourabh TC
  8. Sparsh TC
  9. Avanish TC
  10. Karan Verma TC
  11. Konark TC
  12. Meenakshi TC
  13. Mohit Kaswa TC
  14. Sandhya TC


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